Baby #2 Weekly Updates – Weeks 4-16

Thank you so much for your congrats! We are very excited (and terrified…all over again) for this new journey. Here’s a weekly breakdown of this pregnancy: Weeks 4 + 6 Days: Tested positive for B-A-B-Y! That was weird, why did I say it like that? Last Time: This is about the same time I found out I was pregnant last time! However, last time I had some major symptoms – cramping and sore boobs. This time, my only symptom was that I was “late”. Week 5: A doctor’s appointment confirmed – yes, I am pregnant. (Ya know, those pee sticks are pretty damn accurate. I don’t know why, but I truly don’t believe I’m pregnant until the doctor confirms it…with a pee test). At our first appointment, all we can see is a little sac, the gestational sac to be exact (who the eff am I? GD Dr. Suess?). This week I experienced some minor cramping, bloating, and I’m so incredibly tired. I [...]
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