What I Really Want to Say… Pregnancy Edition Part II

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND (okay, literally no one demanded this, I just had some more idiots say some more idiotic things to me), it’s What I Really Want to Say – PREGNANCY EDITION PART II. Didn’t see Part I? Well check it out here. While my responses to the stupidity are imaginary, these are indeed actual things that people have said to me when I was pregnant. (From someone who knows I’m pregnant) Them: “Your shirt is too tight” (From someone who also is aware that she’s pregnant) Me: Okay, well, when I start admiring/respecting your fashion choices, I’ll make a change in mine. Them: “OMG YOU ARE GROWING” Me: Yea, that tends to happen when you’re pregnant. Dipshit. Them: “How long are you planning to take for maternity leave?” Me: I’d like to take 10-12 weeks (With a look on their face like I just told [...]

Meals & Moves Monday #16

Meals & Moves Monday posts share my meals and workouts from the previous week. Last weeks’ workouts: Chillaxing, yo.   Last weeks’ dinners: Monday: BLTs (I cook my bacon using this method) + Baked BBQ Chips + Macaroni Salad (store bought!) Tuesday: Balsamic Marinated Grilled Chicken Hoagies w/ lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, black olives, banana peppers, light mayo and Dijon mustard + Baked BBQ Chips (I’ve been craving a delicious sub, but since I’m trying to avoid deli meats during the pregnancy, I replaced them with chicken!) Wednesday: Chicken Chili (similar to this recipe) w/ shredded cheddar cheese, light sour cream and saltines Thursday: JON’S BIRTHDAY! Paula Deen’s Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf + Mashed Potatoes + Peas (Jon loves this Paula Deen meatloaf. I tend to scale back on the cheese [I use <1 cup], mayo [1 large spoonful], [...]
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