Storing Baby Clothes the Cheap & Easy Way

I’m trying to get some organizing done while I’m on maternity leave (keyword: trying). It’s been semi-productive… I’ve cleaned out my closet in preparation for a summer yard sale, I cleaned out our kitchen junk drawer, and the next project I tackled was organizing these darn baby clothes! This is how I was storing baby clothes before: I sorted clothes into sizes and stuffed them into grocery bags. I’d then slide a note card with the size written on it into the bag and throw it into a giant Tupperware container. It workedokay, but I didn’t love it. I wanted something easier to navigate and, well, prettier. I decided to head to the place where I get  99% of my ideas: Pinterest (follow me!!!). I saw a ton of ideas, but most of them involved me having to buy large storage bags or a bunch of smaller Tupperware containers. I really didn’t [...]
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