Baby #2 Update: Weeks 22-26 & Hot Topics

Week 22: It’s Christmas! and I’m tired. Week 23: My symptoms are pretty standard – heartburn, getting winded easily, bloody boogers…all the fun stuff. I feel LARGE this week. Oh and I also am feeling a lot of kicks from this little girl. Week 24: Up ~19lbs. I can finally drink hot coffee again (YAYYYYY) and I’m still loving my hot mint tea. Baby girl’s kicks and turns are slowing getting stronger. I’m sleeping fairly well. I had a OB appointment this week. All is well, but I have to get blood work and do my glucose test before my next appointment (which is in a month). After next month’s appointment, I’ll do appointments ever 2 weeks. I can’t believe we’re already at that point! YIKES. Week 25: I’ve been trying to drink more water, but with drinking more waters comes peeing every 5 minutes. Joy. My sleep is [...]

Meals & Moves Monday #8

Meals & Moves Monday posts share my meals and workouts from the previous week. Last week’s workouts: Tuesday – 3 x 10 squats + 3 x 10 lunges + 3 x 10 leg lifts + 3 x 10 knee push ups + 3 x 20 10lb dumbbell curls + 2 sets of stairs Wednesday – 3 x 10 10lb dumbbell overhead press + 3 x 10 10lb dumbbell chest press + 3 x 10 side lunges + 3 x 10 squat with side kick + 2 sets of stairs Thursday – 3 x 10 10lb bent over dumbbell row + 3 x 10 10lb tricep extension + 3 x 10 10lb dumbell low to high wood chop + 3 x 10 sumo squats + 3 x 10 fire hydrants I wasn’t able to get into the gym last week because I had class for work. Therefore, I had to do some at home workouts. It went pretty well, except for Thursday. WARNING: gross pregnancy talk about to commence. After my workout Thursday night I had some…leakage. The leakage itself wasn’t such a [...]
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