Baby #2 Update – Weeks 36-38

Week 36: Baby girl’s kicks are starting to slow down a bit. This is likely due to the lack of room for her to move around in my belly. On Monday I had my weekly doctors appointment. Her heartbeat is good and so is my blood pressure. Still no dilation, which is also good. She is head down, but still high. Part of me wishes she was breach to help justify getting a C-section, but that’s just my own problem and I need to get over it. Thursday I had a little bit of an emotional breakdown. I felt really overwhelmed with “all the stuff that still needed to be done” (which in reality is not that much), I was exhausted, and I felt huge. This freak out also could’ve had something to do with the subconscious stress I was feeling about my Mom’s birthday on Friday, but who knows. It’s one of my few “moments” I’ve had during this [...]
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