About Me


Hi There!

My name is Elisabeth Hurd, but everyone calls me Betty. I am a senior journalism student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. I am a passionate traveler, photographer, and story teller driven by the desire to discover as much about the world as I possibly can in this lifetime.

My love for photography began Sophomore year of high school when I picked up a film camera and hit the streets of downtown Tucson. I was taken with the complexity of a single black and white photo and its ability to make someone imagine any number of possibilities for the story behind the image. I realized I was born to write after a whirlwind of indecisive major-switching my Freshman year of college. I could not stand chemistry, I was bored to death by business, and I was not invested in government and law. All I wanted to do was travel and talk to interesting people and write. I found my match with journalism.

My goal as an artist is to tell stories, whether that be through photos or writings. In my 21 years of life, I have traveled to 32 countries with a camera in hand and a journal in my backpack, documenting my experiences through snapshots and articles. These unforgettable journeys have not satiated my desire to travel, but rather they have reinforced my perpetual ache to see every corner of this crazy, beautiful world. I aspire to instill this same quality of wanderlust in the people who view my work. Life is too short to sit still, and that is the message I intend to reveal with my writing and photos.