My Favorite Baby Items: 0-4 Months

I wanted to share some things that really helped me (and some still are helping me) during the first 4 months of Henry’s life!
As a new Mom, I could not have lived without:
[I know theter is a lot of debate on whether or not you should give babies pacifiers, and I choose to ignore all of it.]
I never realized how many different types of pacifiers there were until I went to Buy Buy Baby and saw their WALL of pacifiers. Seriously…it’s an entire wall dedicated to freaking pacifiers. Henry happens to like the Mam ones for whatever reason. These pacifiers have saved our lives and sanity multiples times. They also make Henry very happy :) I suggest buying 2 or 3 different kinds to see which ones your baby likes best.
The Swing
Another life saver and keeper of sanity. We were lucky enough to get our swing from a friends, so we didn’t have to shell out $100+ for it. Even if we did though, I would say it’s totally worth it…for us. I HAVE heard that some babies HATE the swing. My suggestion would be find a friend, family member or coworker who has a swing they aren’t using and borrow it. If they need it back and your baby loves it, go out and buy one. I would hate to buy something like that, put it together (because that’s a bitch all in itself), store that big honkin’ thing, only have to the baby not even use it. Henry loved his though and it gave Mommy and Daddy a few minutes to breathe…which is always much needed.
The Boppy does a lot. It helps you with feeding, gives the baby somewhere to sleep, helps support your arm while holding a newborn…and also makes for a funny hat. I have to admit I always laugh to myself when people (especially boys) grab the boppy and put it on their head or do the old “LOOK ITS A GIANT NACK PILLOW” joke. I think the myself “there is absolutely breast milk and/or baby vomit on that pillow. But let’s be real…there is breast milk and/or baby vom on most all surfaces of my home. It’s pretty unavoidable. I love this pillow and still use it to this day to help Henry sit up.
So one of my BFFs Lauren has been teaching over in South Korea for the past three years (COME HOME NOW I MISS YOU) and she was kind enough to bring over this guy over her Summer break. Yes, she hauled this sucker ALL THE WAY from Korea. That’s a true friend. Anyway, she brought it to me as kind of a joke…but turns out it was like CRUCIAL when Henry was an infant. Like I mentioned in my previous post, breastfeeding can be difficult. A lot of the trouble comes with the baby getting a good latch. This pillow seemed to put Henry in exactly the right positiion to get a good latch, which made my life a million times easier. If you don’t have a best friend in Korea, they make something similar here in the US called My Breast Friend.
We got lucky with these. I didn’t even know the existed until I went into Buy Buy Baby to buy a changing pad cover. The lady showed me these and I’m so glad she did. I’m not sure if you’re technically supposed to put these UNDER the cover or not, but we put them on top (it’s easier that way). That way, instead of having to change the actualy changing pad cover everytime Henry pooped/peed/barfed on it, we just typically had to switch out the liner.
I’ll just come out and say it: YOU NEED A MILLION OF THESE. It is almost impossible to have too many of these. They are used to wipe up unwanted anything. If you get like 20 packs of these for your shower do not take them all back and keep 2. Keep them all. ALL OF THEM.
This may be my strangest must have…but this little owl is awesome. When Henry was sleeping in our room with us and I had to feel him in the middle of the night or I just wanted to check on him, this little light was the perfect way to do it. It’s a very soft light that allows me to see but doesn’t wake everyone up. Also, it has a timer on it so it only stays on for like 10 minutes at a time. I use it way more than I EVER thought I would.
Moms – what were some of your favorite baby items for the first few months?


  1. Katy, you crack me up!! I totally agree with you on everything, ESPECIALLY the ‘rags’ section. You need a pile in every room of the house!! I’m a little jealous I never tried the Korean cushion, but it looks like a great idea. Do you guys use an infant carrier?? I didn’t use one with Colten, but having two kids, I’m thinking I’ll be using one with Kylee. Trying to figure out what brand to go with. I used a sling with her when she was first born, but she’s too heavy for me to carry like that.

    • We got our infant carrier from Once Upon a Child! We like it a lot! Henry loves it although I’m not 100% sure what brand it is…Infantino maybe?

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