Week 37 Update

Total Weight Gained: 43.5 lbs

Stretch marks?: Boobs.

Belly Button Inny or Outtie?: Pancake status

Maternity Clothes?: I’ve moved on to cutting holes in the middle of sheets and wearing those. Egyptian cotton, bitches.

Symptoms: Heartburn, swollen hands and feet (my rings would NOT come off the other day), & back pain.

I also got some pretty gnarly Braxton Hicks Thursday that had me a little one edge. It started at about 7:45am at work and it just felt like a tightening all across my stomach. It wasn’t painful but felt like I had to go to the bathrom/a menstrual cramp in my stomach. They happend around ever 20-25 minutes until just after 10am. I told myself if they continued to lunch I would call the doc, but they stopped. I guess my body is getting ready!

Mood/Emotions: If you all follow me on Twitter (which you should!), you know that Monday was a little rough. I woke up and for some reason, whether it was the crap weather or my impending due date, I was terrified. Terrified of labor, terrified of being responsible for a newborn baby, terrified of how the baby would effect my life and my relationship with Jon…just straight up scared. I honestly have felt very little, if any, fear this entire pregnancy (which I’m so very thankful for, because I typically stress over everything), but for some reason on this Monday it hit me like a ton of bricks. Luckily some amazing ladies gave me some sweet words of encouragement via Twitter (thanks Lisa, Nicole, and Touchie!). I’m feeling much better now! Phew, thanks pregnancy hormones!

Sleep: So far so good!

Movement: He’s slowed down a bit this week, which I told the doc about at my appointment Tuesday. My doctor checked his heartbeat and assured me everything was fine. He said Henry probably is just getting into position and also getting a little bigger so he has a little less room to move around!

Cravings: I’m kind of loving fruit this week. We bought grapes, fresh cherries and watermelon this weekend and OMG I’m LOVING IT. Def buying another watermelon this weekend – FO SHO.

Things I Miss: Nothing this week. I’m so consumed with OMG THIS BABY IS COMING and OMG THESE PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE IN A WEEK that I can’t think about much else.

Workouts This Week:
1) 10 min walk + Stretch + 15 min walk
2) 10 min bike + Stretch + 10 min bike + Stretch + 10 min elliptical

Next Doctors Appointment: Next Tuesday! This is my “last one” before my due date!

Other Notable Happenings:
We got our car seats installed this week by our amazing fireman neighbor. We’re officially old ready for this child. Well, stuff-wise at least.

I went to the doctors on Tuesday and got an update. The doctor listened to Henry’s heartbeat and assured me he is still a happy and healthy baby. They also did an internal exam (which was not very comfortable…) and told me I was 1.5 cm dialated. This doesn’t really mean anything except that I’m progressing a bit, which is good. Unfortunately this gives no real determination on when the baby will get here. I also asked the doc how long he would let me go past my due date before we induced, and he said no more than a week. THAT means that no matter what, Henry will be here no later than 22 June! It’s so crazy to think that in 15 days (OR LESS!), I will be holding my son.

When the time comes… A lot of people have asked me “ARE YOU GOING TO TEXT ME WHEN YOU GO INTO LABOR?” I’ve designated a few people to be my “get to word out” folks to certain groups of friends and family, but honestly I’ll probably just update my Facebook status or Tweet it when it happens! I know that sounds corny and annoying, but it is just the easiest way to reach a large amount of people. So if you want to know, and you don’t already ‘Like’ Have You Hurd? on Facebook and don’t follow me on Twitter…now’s your chance!


  1. I’m so happy for you! I get weekly updates from my mom because apparently The Showalters and The Larsons have weekly dinner together. I will be home the 24th and will be visiting you soon after that! LOVE YOU AND CAN’T WAIT TO MEET HIM!

  2. Oh man this is exciting! I remember when I was playing the waiting game.. it seems so long ago.. but it’s only been 19 weeks!

  3. You look great! I love that idea about the sheets. Too funny!

    BTW, I’m now following you on Twitter!

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