Week 34 Update

This pic is from a little ‘maternity shoot’ that Jon and I did with my Dad! Dad did a GREAT JOB taking pics! Once the rest are edited, I’ll be sure to share a few!

Total Weight Gained: 40 lbs! I’d like to assume the baby weighs 30lbs which is why I’ve gained 40, but then I think about birthing a 30lb baby and I cry. A lot.

Stretch marks?: None on the belly. Sorry, boobs.

Belly Button Inny or Outtie?: Button is almost completely flat!

Maternity Clothes?: I wish I could get by with going on into public with a giant t-shirt and no pants. I would do it.

Symptoms: Heartburn, back ache, fatigue, body ache, other random pains all over.

Mood/Emotions: No breakdowns to report this week but my emotional fuse is definitely shorter than normal. I get mad, sad, and happy at the drop of a hat. Never a dull moment…

Sleep: I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve had 2 really good nights of sleep this week! I think it’s because I took the advice of two awesome ladies and started taking Zantac before bed. It’s so nice to wake up in the middle of the night and NOT feel like I just swallowed fire.

Movement: There is absolutely a alien baby inside of me. A very hyper one. I actually caught one of his big kicks on video this week! I have no idea how to upload it to share though. Blog/Techy folks -any help?

Cravings: Sweets. I was not a sweets person AT ALL before. Now, I can’t get enough.

Things I Miss: Normal physical activity without feeling exhausted, bloated, or achey. It’s getting to be a process just to get up and walk to the bathroom at work.

Workouts This Week:

1) 15 minutes on the treadmill + stretch + 15 minutes on the elliptical
2) 15 minutes on treadmill + stretch + 10 minutes on elliptical + 10 minutes on bike

One word to describe this weeks “workouts”: slow.

Next Doctors Appointment: Tuesday! I think this might be our last bi-monthly appointment…after this we go to the doc once a week. We are so close!!!

Other Notable Happenings: Last weekend Jon and I went to the lake with our bff’s from college and we had SO MUCH FUN. The weather was wonderful and the house we stayed at was unreal. It was huge, the front yard was ginormous and flat (perfect for whiffle ball), and the dock was beautiful.

I even went swimming for the first time since I’ve been pregnant! The lake water was a bit chilly, but it was so worth it to feel completely weightless.

Looking Forward To: Going through, organizing, and putting away all the amazing

things I got from my baby shower yesterday! It was AWESOME! Thank you so much to everyone who had a part in it…especially Bec, Dan and Touche. I love you guys <3



  1. you look great in the pensive picture! im surprised that lake picture turned out as well as it did- only a coupla weird faces!
    bummed i missed the baby shower but heard it was AWESOME!!! love you miss

  2. You look so beautiful! I love your dress!! You are almost there girl!!! I hope you have a great rest of the week! Thank you for the nice compliments on my blog post today! <3

  3. gorgeous photos, nice work dad! And you are beautiful! I cant believe how fast the due date is coming!!!


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