May 2013 Miss Judy Update

I know many of you are thinking, “FINALLY! I’m over the food and baby posts…what about Miss Judy?”

Well never fear, your Miss Judy post is here!

All was well with Miss Judy for awhile, which was why there was no update. A couple of months ago however, after a routine CT scan, we found out that Mom’s cancer had come back. There was a spot in her lymph nodes and a small spot in her lung that showed some growth in the CT scan. The Doctor’s ordered a PET Scan to look a little closer, and those results showed that the only actual growth was in the lymph nodes. While ANY growth is definitely NOT what we want, growth in the lymph nodes is the most treatable.

Mom was then scheduled for chemo. She took chemo 3 times a week, every other week, for 6 weeks. CT scans in the middle of her chemo indicated that the chemo was working. Last week she finished her last rounds of chemo. She has another CT scan coming up next week, and we’re hoping for some more good news!

Mom really wanted to wait until she knew what was going before she made her update public, which is understandable. I can personally say she did great with the chemo. Unfortunately, her hair fell out again. But if any of you had seen her hair before she started chemo…it was crazy! A curly grey mess – Albert Einstein style. I told her it might be kind of a good thing to start over again 😉

Her spirits are amazing though and her attitude is awesome. It’s a big change since the last time we went through this. Mom’s just ready to do whatever it takes to kick this cancer’s ass, and I’m so proud of her for that.

Please continue to pray and send positive thoughts our way! I will update you all on the CT scan results in the coming week or so.



  1. Ugh, cancer SUCKS. Glad your mom is in good spirits. Sending positive vibes to you and Miss Judy!

  2. I have been saying prayers for Judy every day. I am thankful she got thru the chemo without too many problems. I loved her curls!!! Love you Judy & can’t wait to see you!!!! Let us know when you are ready for lunch at Wood Grill!!!!

  3. Sending healing and positive vibes to your momma :)

  4. Judy you are such a strong person. I know that you’ll kick it! Great job getting through the chemo! You are in my daily prayers. Miss seeing you. Love ya!

  5. I love you Judy! You are in my prayers and thoughts —and I send you nothing but positive thinking, hugs, and love. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  6. Miss you Judy! Hope to see you soon.

  7. Judy, keep fighting the good fight! Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way!
    Love ya!


  8. Thanks for the update Katy…she is always in my prayers! So very proud of all her strength, can’t wait to give her a hug!

  9. thank you Katie! Your mom and I were so close growing up and we have grown apart over the years but she is still special to me! I am so excited about her being a grandma! Glad you are doing so well since Henry is here so glad for Have you Hurd so I can keep up with your mom and you!

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