Week 28 Update

Total Weight Gained: 29.5 <—- WHOA BUDDY! :)

Stretch marks?: No tummy ones!

Belly Button Inny or Outtie?: Inny – I don’t think mine will pop out. Although Jon has a theory that pregnant women are like turkeys – when the belly putton pops out that means the baby is done. He’s special.

Maternity Clothes?: Duh! Did you not see my last post?

Symptoms: Some lower back pain, heartburn on and off, peeing constantly and some hip pain. Nothing extreme though.

Mood/Emotions: Gawd. Hello 3rd trimester and hello extreme hormones! I now officially feel like a crazy pregnant lady. Crying a lot? check. Mad at stupid shit (worse than normal)? check. Freak outs over nothing? check.

Sleep: Sleep has been fine! Sometimes my hips hurt from laying on my side. Sometimes I have heartburn so that stinks. The other night I woke up in the middle of the night and I was SO HOT (which is rare). I stripped down to a sports bra, undies and socks (you’re welcome for that mental image) and slept like that for the rest of the night. Weird.

Overall though sleep has been fine! The few issues I’ve had are not really consistent and still not really keeping me from getting rest.

Movement: Good golly Ms. Molly Mr. Henry! I feel like this dude has been doing jumping jacks in my stomach this week. I have SEEN him kick probably 10-15 times this week (normally seeing him kick is rare!). The other day Jon and I were laying on the couch watching a movie and Jon had his hand on my tummy. Henry gave him about 5 good kicks. It’s pretty cool.

Cravings: Nada.

Things I Miss: My friends!!! I haven’t seen a lot of those turds in long time! That really has nothing to do with the baby, but it is something I miss! Luckily for me we have a lot of fun stuff planned in the near future including a lake trip, weddings, bridal showers, and baseball games. I CAN’T WAIT!

Workouts This Week:
1. A hilly walk around the block at my parents house. Did I mention they live on a mountain?
2. 30 minute treadmill walk + 20 minute elliptical
3. 35 minute treadmill walk
4. 31 minute treadmill walk (no, not 30…31! that 1 minute is important!) + 20 minute elliptical

Next Doctors Appointment: April 25th! This will be my last monthly visit. After that, I’ll have appointments every 2 weeks until my last month where I’ll have an appointment every week. WE’RE GETTING THERE PEOPLE!!!


  1. YOU GO GIRL! You are rockin’ this pregnancy and I’m so darn proud of you. I can’t wait for little Henry to make his appearance!

  2. You look amazing!!!! You are adorable and glowing!1 Love y’all!!

  3. you make a non pregnant girl want to get pregnant!!!!!!

  4. lookin good momma :) ahhh getting so close!!!!

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