Recipe Round Up: Found, Tested, Loved Part II

I love recipes, but there are just SO MANY OUT THERE!

How do I know if a recipe is good or not? Ratings are great…but not every recipe has them.

Well friends, don’t you worry. I try a ton of recipes all the time…but I only pick out the very yummiest to share with you.

Lighter Mac and Cheese with Chicken & Tomatoes from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

I was so impressed with how creamy this macaroni and cheese turned out! Usually the lighter stuff is dry and bland…but not this!  I used 2% milk (because that’s what I had on hand) and also threw in about 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese. Of course that makes the recipe a little less light, but still better than 4 sticks of butter, right (*cough*PAULA*cough*)?

Shrimp Fettuccine with Light Alfredo Sauce

For this dish I just cooked some fettuccine and thawed some pre-cooked shrimp and threw them together with this sauce. I added some hot sauce and Cajun seasoning to the sauce to spice it up a little bit! This is even better the next day!

Man Pleasing Chicken by Witty in City

This chicken was so good that I cooked it TWICE in 2 weeks and forgot to take a picture both times because all I wanted to do was eat it! So instead of a picture of the Man-Pleasing Chicken, I’ve given you a picture of a man who is pleased :)
you’re welcome.

This chicken is also kid pleasing, woman pleasing, dog pleasing, and all around people pleasing. Also known as Maple Dijon Chicken (that’s what I call it), this is a home run recipe that is SO EASY to make! I made mine with boneless chicken thighs, but this could easily be made with chicken breasts or chicken tenders. I served it with corn bread and green beans and it was a total hit. This 4 ingredient bombshell is a new fave in my go-to meal rotation fo’ sho’.

Sausage & Tortellini Soup by Party in My Kitchen

I know, I know. Didn’t I JUST post about how my Mom made the BEST sausage and tortellini soup ever? I did. So I was kind of skeptical to try this version… but boy am I glad I did. If you’re looking for a tomato based soup, go with Mom’s. If you’re looking for something creamy, but not heavy, go with the recipe from Party in My Kitchen. It’s SO EASY to throw together and when you serve it with some garlic bread sprinkled with lemon pepper you will think you’ve died and gone to Heaven. This soup is so easy and delicious and will definitely serve and impress a crowd.

The only changes I made:
I used 6 cups of chicken broth versus 6 cups water + bouillon cubs
I added about 1/2 cup low fat milk for more broth
I added a large handful of baby spinach at the end


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