Awkward Noodles

Is it just me, or does anyone else always end up with random leftover awkward noodles after you make lasagna? It seems I never quite use the entire box, yet there are never enough leftover to make another lasagna with. I end up buying another box to add to the awkward box I have, only to end up with more random leftover noodles again. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle people. And a real problem in my life.

Ok, so not a REAL problem…but, whatever.

Anyway, when I saw this recipe for Skillet Lasagna posted on How Sweet It Is I was overjoyed. This would be the PERFECT way to use up those stupid graceless noods.

And it was.

This meal was so easy and was done in less than 20 minutes. Go. Eat. Now.


  1. so smart! i ALWAYS have just a few of…well…everything left over!

  2. Awkward noodles! Yes, that’s exactly what those are! Now I know precisely what to call them. :-)

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