Thai Chicken Enchiladas and a Semi-Picky Husband

Sometimes I feel like I could just write an entire blog about how weird my freaking husband is. I mean, I already wrote an entire post dedicated to how weird I am…so why not?

My husband likes to eat, don’t get me wrong. But that boy is the pickiest non-picky eater I’ve ever met in my life. Here is some weird shit about the way my husband eats:

  1. As I’ve mentioned many times, he won’t eat ANY meal unless there is meat involved (exception: dessert). See #2
  2. He has to eat dessert (or at least something sweet) after every meal.
  3. He often won’t eat certain foods because they “sound weird” (example: artichokes).
  4. He can eat an entire pie, cake, or streusel in one sitting. See #2
  5. Anything I make that is “different” (meaning it’s not on the kids menu at a Applebee’s) he is typically hesitant over.
  6. He loves food that he can mix together in a giant bowl and eat with a spoon. See #8
  7. He hates having to work for his food (peeling shrimp, cracking crab legs, etc.)
  8. He eats cereal every day.
  9. His favorite food is a hotdog.
  10. He loves Thai food and Chinese food but hates peanuts and ginger

So Monday night when I decided to make Thai Chicken Enchiladas from How Sweet It Is, I knew I had to be careful.

First, I know that he’s never had or heard of Thai Chicken Enchiladas and therefore the meal was considered a “different” kind of recipe (See #5). Second, I knew since “Thai” was in the name that he would automatically assume I was using peanuts or ginger in some way (See #10).

While the original recipe calls for peanuts, I opted out because my husband is a wiener face I love my husband.  Also, when I texted him to let him know what I was making…I immediately put any of his fears to rest:

Me: Made Thai chicken enchiladas. Don’t worry…no ginger or peanuts.
Him: Yay yay yay

All is well. And I know when he tastes these bad boys, he will never be hesitant about them again. And I WILL be making these again. Because they are the bomb nizzle (technical term).

Go check out How Sweet It Is and her Thai Chicken Enchiladas right now people!

Do you or someone you love have a weird “food rule”?



  1. Pickiest non picky eater. Love it. :) Enchiladas look fantastic.

  2. Those look delicious…….I’m making them

  3. Ha ha ‘weird’ husband eating habits. My husband refuses to eat leftovers. He doesn’t understand that concept one bit… lol. I guess we all have our own quirks.

    • My Dad refuses to eat leftovers! It’s so annoying! Fortunately my husband LOVES them…or else he’d be hungry all the time!

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