D.C. Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon Post II: The Race & The Rest

The only good thing about having a crazy hellacious morning before the race is that you don’t have time to think about what you’re about to do…

Before Amanda and I knew it, we were off!

Mile 1-5
The first 5 miles of the race were pretty great.  There were a ton of spectators, bands, and puppies (YAY!) and the excitement was high. Amanda and I both felt good and we were pumped to be smack dab in the middle of D.C. on such a beautiful day.

Mile 6-9:
I really don’t remember the next 4 miles. All I remember is multiple small (but annoying) hills and running by the beginning of many St. Patty’s day parties! JEAL!!!

Mile 10:
This is when shit got real.  Up until this point I had only been looking at my Garmin to check if our pace was on track.  When I looked at my watch and saw it said we had gone 10.05 miles, I thought to myself, “Have we seen the 10 mile marker yet?”  Well, we hadn’t. Turns out my watch was about a quarter of a mile off from our actual distance. Talk about effing with your head.

Mile 11:
At this point I was still pretty disheartened from my watch being off.  My legs were starting to throb and my body felt extremely heavy. I told Amanda, “I’m hurtin.”  She concurred.  It felt good to know I wasn’t holding her back (even if she was lying).  I also saw a sign during this mile that said: “REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE RUNNING FOR.” I immediately thought about my mom and was automatically motivated again.

Mile 12:
When my watch hit 12 miles we still hadn’t seen the 12 mile marker. We ran by a policeman who was yelling “Mile 12! Mile 12!”  and Amanda asked, “Is this the mile marker?” to which he replied, “yes!” We were elated! Until about a minute and half later when we saw the real mile marker. STOP EFFING WITH MY HEAD HALF MARATHON!

Mile 13:
I started to feel a bit better here knowing we only had .1 miles to go. Especially since this is where the Half Marathoners split with the Full Marathoners and I thanked the sweet Lord above that I did NOT have to run another 13.1 miles AGAIN.

FINISH!: 2:04:50

YAYYY! Amanda and I walked to get our medal and some goodies and sat on the sidewalk for about 5 minutes without speaking. The race was hard but the sense of accomplishment after was all well worth it.

Overall I highly suggest this race, especially if you’re from out of town & have never had a chance to see D.C.! We ran by the Capital, the Whitehouse, the Washington Monument and right around Dupont Circle.  Very cool way to site see.

After the race, Bates and I wanted nothing to do with the metro after our experience that morning, so we decided to start walking to see if we could catch a cab…

and we walked…

and we met a corgi named Davey

and saw the Capital…

and the Library of Congress..

and never found a cab. BUUUUTT after 2 miles (yes, 2 miles!) of walking we did find another metro stop! I honestly didn’t mind the walk. It was a GORGEOUS day and I think that the cool down was needed to keep away the soreness.  Plus I’ve never seen D.C. like that before so I loved it.

Once we got back to Amanda’s we indulged in some post-race food…

a shower and a nap…

recycled “nap” pic…but this is how I felt

When we woke up, we were joined by some amazing friends! Then, we switched from race mode to St. Patty’s day mode and rage we did:

What’d you do to celebrate St. Patty’s Day?
What’s the next big race you’re signed up for? 


  1. Such beautiful girls! And thanks for the mom thingy! I love you all<3

  2. Katy,
    You always make me giggle when I read your stories…thanks for the smiles! Congrats to you and Amanda, next year, come run with me in the Shamrock race in Va Beach…they serve BEER after the race, along with tons of other goodies, plus it is a flat course!!! love you…Ellen

    • Thanks Ellen! And we def need to do the Va Beach guy next year! I hear soooo many good things. And flat = awesome. <3 you

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