Obsession: HALLOWEEN!

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Honestly, my excitement starts pre-gaming in mid-August and by October 1st I am drunk off of excitement for the upcoming Holiday season. Yes, I said Holiday season. And yes, I am including Halloween in the Holiday season.  Wanna know why? BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED WITH HALLOWEEN!


I’m not sure when the obsession started, but I think it transpired because of my love of horror movies combined with my love of cool crisp Fall weather!  Honestly, I don’t care where it came from. All I care about is all the awesomeness that Halloween brings.  This post is dedicated to the super spooky holiday and all my favorite things about it.

The Food

Doesn’t food just MAKE a holiday complete? I mean, what would Thanksgiving be without Turkey? And could you really get that Christmassy feeling without Egg Nog? Food is the best part of every holiday and Halloween is no exception. Here are a couple of my favorite Halloween eats:

1. Pumpkin ANYTHING: How can you think about Halloween without picturing a giant fat orange gourd with a jack-o-lantern smile? YOU CAN’T!  You know it’s the start of fall when everyone’s Facebook statuses and Tweets are bragging about their very first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!  Pumpkin is where it’s at. Whether it’s sweet, savory, for breakfast, or for dinner, it is an absolute staple for Halloween.


2. Cupcakes: Let’s be honest, cupcakes are good pretty much all year around.  What I love about cupcakes during Halloween is their awesome decoratability (not a word).  A few years ago my best friends and I had a Zombie-Fest in lieu of Halloween and our deep love for all things Zombie.  At this get together we bought an ish ton of decorations and went to town creating the scariest cupcakes we could imagine! Here are a few of my faves:

Brain Cupcake How-To

 Spider Cupcake How-To

 Skull Cupcake How-To

3. Mummy Dogs: These are so cute, easy, and DELICIOUS!  You simply take a hot dog/sausage of your choice (beef, pork, turkey, veggie) and wrap it with strips of puff pastry.  Here is the recipe I’ve always used.  Just look at them as mummified pigs in a blanket :)


4. Butternut Squash: Even though butternut squash kinda looks like an man’s uh oh to me, I’m still madly in love with them.  If I’m at a restaurant and a dish includes butternut squash…I’m getting it.


5. Wood Chuck Hard Cider: Okay shut your butt. I know that this isn’t some hardcore lager or bad ars Jack Daniels BUT IT IS DELICIOUS AND I LOVE IT!  This is a nice, crisp, alcoholic beverage I can sip on and legitimately enjoy. The cider bursts with fall flavors and makes you want to wear some nice fall boots a sweater and potentially a scarf (may not have the same effect on everyone).


The Movies

Here are my Top Five Favorite Halloween Movies:

#5 – Halloweentown 1-3: This is a Disney TV Movie classic.  There are actually four movies in this series but they replaced the main character in the last one so I officially boycotted it :) The first three are the bomb though. And by the bomb I mean they are perfectly awesome and corny made-for-TV-movies that will be sure to get you in the Halloween Spirit.


#4 – Casper: Christina Ricci’s best movie ever. How could you not fall in love with that cut little bald white see-through dude??


#3 – Coraline: This one is a kind of a newby but I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  How can something be creepy and adorable all at the same time? Button eyes???


#2 – Hocus Pocus: Bette Midler? SJP? CLASSIC!!!


#1 – The Witches: Love, love, love this movie. Something about these older movies that just makes me feel cozy. Weird, huh? Not as weird as those witches when they take off their wigs and masks. EEK



Ummm…can you say ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween? Duh. Check out the full 2011 schedule here.



Halloween Decorations are amazing. They range from adorable, to beautiful, to downright GOREY! I love decorating for Halloween. So much that for my bridal shower last year my mom got me a fog machine. Anyone else get a fog machine from their mom at their bridal shower? Anyone? No one?


She also got me decorative grave stones to put in my front yard.  They hadn’t come in yet so she just printed off pictures to give me instead. One of my gf’s legit thought she had bought me a burial plot!  Haha – my family is definitely weird… but not THAT weird!

I personally like to get all crazy spooky outside of the house (trick-or-treaters beware!) and then go with more of a cutesy feel inside (I don’t want people to be terrified and vomiting when they enter the house…I already have to worry about that with Jon living there <<—– BOOOM! GOT ‘EM!). Anyway…here are some shots of my Halloween home décor:


Wrigley is not so much a fan of Halloween. Whatevs, you can’t win ‘em all.


What’s your favorite Fall/Halloween food?

Did I miss any of the best Halloween movies in my Top 5?

How do you decorate for Halloween?


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